Hearts Desire Ranch was birthed in the heart of a young girl who never dreamed she would own one Arabian horse, much less a ranch.  But God had bigger plans. One day, many years later when that dream was just a tiny ember, the dream came alive.  Through many ups and downs of life, the dream became much more than just something to have, it became a desire to share the dream with others.  It became apparent  that horses have a God given  ability to heal the heart. They look at you with their soulful eyes and penetrate to the very core of your being and gently speak God's peace into the heart.  And so we decided to make this a place to come and share the beauty of the land and the trees and the love of the animals.  
Hearts Desire Ranch is a non-profit Christ based ministry located just south of Conroe, Texas.  Our main focus is to veterans and  teens who need a "horse hug for a hurting heart".